Benefits Resource Group - Life and Health Insurance Solutions
Retirement: We offer Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage, Perscription Drug programs, Annuities, Life insurance and Long Term Care Insurance.
David Hallett, Vice President of Sales for our Senior Market has many years of experience working with Seniors.  His staff covers Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts.  Both Career Agents and Brokers use our service to help their clients make the proper choices for their retirement years. 
John Drzewiecki, President and Founder of Benefits Resource Group is our Managing General Agent who recruits and heads the development of our agents and brokers.  John also heads up our life, disability, and all individual product lines. 
The Individual Market for everyone under 65 is this focus.  Our agents will come to your home or invite you to our office to help with the many financial and insurance decisions you have.
Rose Caggiano, Sales Manager is our go-to-gal and helps in the training and development of our career agents.  She is well versed in both the Senior and Individual Markets.
Benefits Resource Group (B.R.G.) is one of the most professional agencies in New England working in these Markets.  We offer many good companies to help you in the best possible way.
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